Worlds of Connections Team Members to Lead “Network Science: Insights for Pandemics” Module for UNL Interdisciplinary COVID-19 Course


Worlds of Connections PI McQuillan

Worlds of Connections Co-I Wonch Hill

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Sociology professors and Worlds of Connections team members Dr. Julia McQuillan and Dr. Trish Wonch Hill will teach “Network Science: Insights for Pandemics” as part of a six-college collaborative course exploring current global circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic through varied disciplines and perspectives.

The course, entitled “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Effects on Industries, People and Society,” will be offered as a zero- or one-credit, five-week class beginning July 13.  Contributing faculty and staff represent 13 departments and academic units in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, College of Architecture, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education and Human Sciences, College of Engineering, and University Libraries.

Dr. McQuillan and Dr. Wonch Hill’s portion of the course “Network Science: Insights for Pandemics” will feature several interactive resources on network science, COVID-19, and disease spread in general.  Click the following links to explore and learn more!

Can’t I please just visit one friend?
Visualizing social distancing networks in the era of COVID-19

How social networks predict pandemics
TED Talk by sociologist and physician Nicholas Christakis

How to Predict the Spread of Epidemics | Computational Social Networks
Short YouTube video about predicting and modeling the spread of epidemics through social networks in the time of COVID-19

Vax! | Gameifying Epidemic Prevention
A puzzle-game infused with chance that was inspired by real-world challenges, infectious disease modeling, and addictively rewarding gameplay

What Happens Next?
COVID-19 Futures, Explained with Playable Simulations by epidemiologist Marcel Salathé and game developer Nicky Case


“The COVID-19 Pandemic: Effects on Industries, People and Society” (UGEP 291) is open for registration through July 15 for the second five-week summer session. Those interested may enroll through MyRed. (Late registration begins July 13. See the UNL Academic Calendar for all Summer Semester dates.)

Click here to read the full story on the course from Nebraska Today.

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