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Four NE STEM 4U Network Science activities are available for FREE download! The Fish Supply, Ecology, Genealogy, and Play Dough Liaison activities—plus lots of other informal STEM activities—are included in the book Hands-on with NE STEM 4U. Click here to view and download your favorite activity or the whole book!

NE STEM 4U–Lincoln is an organization through the University of Nebraska–Omaha and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) which provides quality, educational after-school activities focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) led by UNL undergraduate mentors for K-12 students in Lincoln Public Schools. Through these efforts, NE STEM 4U–Lincoln aims to increase interest in and understanding of STEM topics, including network science, for socio-economically 2022 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine logo features a circle divided into four different-colored quadrants. The upper left quadrant is blue with an image of an atom, the upper right is red with world wide web symbol, the bottom left is yellow with a pi symbol, and the bottom right quadrant is green with an image of gears on it.disadvantaged students and to provide opportunities for these students to pursue educations and careers in STEM fields.

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine recognized NE STEM 4U with its 2022 Inspiring Programs in STEM award.

Mentor Benefits Include:

  • Professional development through exposure to and training in interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, group management, community engagement, etc.
  • Relationship-building opportunities with local youth and peers
  • On-campus and community networking opportunities
  • Access to on-campus facilities and study space

Session Dates

Fall 2023
Not in session.

NE STEM 4U follows the Lincoln Public Schools Academic Calendar. The schools use 16-week sessions to break down the schedule of after-school providing. With each session, we introduce new activities and may work with new participants and schools.

School partnerships vary by academic year.

Past Partnerships
Park Middle School (2020–2023)
Dawes Middle School (2020–2021)
Culler Middle School (2018–19)

Mentors Emeriti


  • Elizabeth Jardee
  • Brecken Obermueller
  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Adam Wong


  • Destiny Spurlock
  • Kayla Gaertig


  • Chika Akwani
  • Amjad Awlad Thani
  • Aditi Jain
  • Amy Klar
  • Alvaro Moreno Lozano


  • Nestor Hernandez
  • Grecia Macias
  • Shayla McNear
  • Luke Novak
Hiring flyer that includes the same information as the NE STEM 4U: Lincoln webpage.