Dr. Tracie Reding Explores Social Network Analysis in STEM TRAIL Center Webinar


Dr. Tracie Reding

Worlds of Connections SEPA Collaborator and University of Nebraska–Omaha (UNO) STEM Education and Outreach Coordinator Dr. Tracie Reding, in conjunction with the UNO STEM Teaching, Research, and Inquiry-based Learning (TRAIL) Center, presented From Meta to Micro: The Breadth of Social Network Analysis and Its Potential Impact in Grants via Zoom on Tuesday, July 21.  During the presentation, which was organized by Worlds of Connections Co-Investigator and UNO STEM TRAIL Center Director Dr. Christine Cutucache, Dr. Reding provided an introduction to the basics of social network analysis and explored its applications in grant proposals.  She also presented examples of social network analysis at the meta-, meso-, and micro-analysis levels.

Those interested in learning more about social network analysis—a trending and growing research area with implications in multiple disciplines—can view Dr. Reding’s presentation here.


About the Speaker

Dr. Tracie Reding coordinates the UNO campus STEM outreach efforts, including campus outreach events, assembling outreach teams of students and faculty, and conceptualizing outreach initiatives. Her research employs social network analysis to study the dynamic nature of professional and advice networks within STEM education efforts and to maximize efficacy of STEM programs and research. She has presented her work both nationally and internationally (including as a featured speaker at the Worlds of Connections Network Science Institute for Teachers 2019) and has published in a variety of journals. She is an adjunct professor and teaches Science Methods for Elementary Teachers at UNO. Dr. Reding has a combined ten years of experience as a high school science teacher and science curriculum specialist in a K-12 setting.


Worlds of Connections Co-I Dr. Christine Cutucache

About the UNO STEM TRAIL Center

The STEM Teaching, Research, and Inquiry-based Learning (TRAIL) Center at the University of Nebraska–Omaha (UNO) advances STEM capacity, competency, innovation, and literacy at all levels for the betterment of our metropolitan, regional, national, and international communities. Worlds of Connections  Co-I, Haddix Community Chair of Physical Science, and Associate Professor of Physics at UNO Dr. Christine Cutucache serves as the Center’s director.

As an administrative unit, the center provides resources and materials to undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members at UNO and lifelong learners (reaching K-12 and adult learners and beyond). The Center serves as a catalyst for course innovations as center affiliates work through colleges to study and implement curricular change. The STEM TRAIL Center aims to provide a unified voice for STEM needs in the metropolitan area while providing a shared space for housing STEM professional development initiatives and coordinated financial support for STEM research initiatives.


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The UNO STEM TRAIL Center and Dr. Reding Present “From Meta to Micro: The Breadth of Social Network Analysis and Its Potential Impact in Grants”

Dr. Reding Explores the Social Network Concept “Six Degrees of Separation” with a Well-known Example: Six Degrees of Bacon

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