World of Viruses: COVID-19 Project Featured in Nebraska Today


C’rona Comix (1) by Bob Hall

A new National Science Foundation Rapid Response Research (RAPID) project, entitled World of Viruses: COVID-19 and led by Worlds of Connections team member Judy Diamond, was featured in Nebraska Today, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s news source.  The project team and UNL alum Bob Hall are developing a series of free, coronavirus-themed comics aimed to educate and engage youth. Project co-investigators are Elizabeth VanWormer, assistant professor at UNL and coordinator of Nebraska One Health, and Worlds of Connections team members Julia McQuillan and Trish Wonch Hill. Worlds of Connections team member Amy Spiegel also serves as evaluator for World of Viruses: COVID-19.

According to Nebraska Today, “In the vein of their earlier team-ups, World of Viruses and Biology of Human, the recently released C’rona Comix aims to resolve some misconceptions about the novel coronavirus while spurring younger readers to seek more information on the virus and pandemic.”

Click here to read the full story from Nebraska Today.

Click here to access the free coronavirus-themed comics via World of Viruses: COVID-19. Check back every Friday for a new piece of the story!

C’rona Comix (5) by Bob Hall

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