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Katie Bradshaw


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Image Description

Page 1:

An alarmed cartoon character is reading a book: Flu by Gina Kolata. Text: A book I read about the pandemic made me want to get all the vaccines I can.

Pages 2 and 3:

An older person in a rocking chair tells a perplexed doctor they are OK while an immune system character says “I got this.” In a military hospital a perplexed doctor looks at dead people on stretchers. An immune system character is also dead. A series of cartoon viruses changes disguises over time. Text: “The books said the 1918 flu killed younger adults at a higher rate, and older adults at a lower rate than typical, possibly because they older adults had been exposed to a similar but less deadly flu strain years earlier.

Page 4:

A series of cartoon viruses changes disguises over time, while an immune system character becomes less and less suspicious. Text: Viruses are always mutating, putting on “disguises” so the immune system won’t recognize them.

Page 5:

A cartoon virus and an immune system character are lined up at the start of a race with paths leading to signs that say just fine, sick, recovery, debility, death. Text: When a new-looking virus enters the body, a race begins between the virus and the immune system.

Page 6:

Hypodermic needles unfurl “wanted” posters of viruses with different disguises, and an immune system character thinks “aha”. Text: Vaccines can help show the immune system the kinds of disguises that viruses use, so the immune system will have a head start and a better chance of fighting off the virus before a serious infection can take hold.

Page 7:

A book is open to a “wanted” poster with the headline “coronavirus disguise 2019.” A cartoon virus matching the wanted poster says “Hi! I belong here.” An immune system character says “Red alert! Coronavirus intruder!” Text: I figure that with every vaccine I get, I’m adding another page to my immune system’s “library of disease disguises” so my body can recognize and fight possible infections ASAP.

Page 8:

A sign reads “library of disease disguises.” One bookcase is labeled “vaccines” and has books labeled flu, COVID, polio, hepatitis. One bookcase is labeled “infections” and has books labeled flu, cold. An arrow sign points to the section on bacterial information. An immune system character thinks “I’m always learning.”

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