Natalie Pulte


Natalie Pulte


“Don’t Wait, Vaccinate!”


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Image Description

Ten even panels hand-drawn and lettered by a nine-year-old artist.
Panel 1: in pink, yellow and silver text “Easy Peazy Vaccine Easy” with a small syringe.
Panel 2: a patient receives a vaccine from a care provider.
Panel 3: syringe with needle and a drop of blue liquid coming out.
Panel 4: in green cursive text “Keep calm and vaccine on” with a vial labeled COVID.
Panel 5: a medical uniform with the words “Vaccine Heck Yes” on it and outlined in pink, gold, yellow and green.
Panel 6: pink hearts and yellow stars at the top and microscope at the bottom with black text “Scientists worked hard to find the vaccine so thank them by using it.”
Panel 7: blue and green planet earth with orange and black text, “Change starts with you.”
Panel 8: red and black text “Use it don’t lose it” and text “COVID 19” with a glyph over it.
Panel 9: a coronavirus with the words “No more of this” and an X in it.
Panel 10: an outline of a syringe with needle and in orange and black text “Do it for the good of all.”

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