Thane Benson


“Trusted Sources”


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Image Description

A five-panel, black-and-white cartoon with all text in all caps.
Title panel: Text: “Once upon a time…” A huge black dragon labeled “Misinformation” with wings, horns, and a large open mouth with big fangs looks ready to devour a knight. The knight peers into a treasure chest: “That is one nasty monster. Let’s see what I’ve got in here to combat it…”

Panel 1: Inside the chest is a big sword with the words: “Trusted sources” Caption pointed at the sword is the text: “John Hopkins,, Mayo Clinic,, Centers for Disease Control,” Next to the sword is a little fork labeled “rumor.” Caption pointed at the fork says, “somebody on the internet.” The knight’s hands are on the chest. Knight from off panel: “Hmmm…”

Panel 2: Then the knight is holding a big sword with jagged lines surrounding it. Knight: “I choose this!”

Panel 3: Knight: “Have at thee!” The knight decapitates the dragon with the sword. The dragon’s face, once terrifying, now appears scared.

Panel 4: Knight: “knowledge is power. Arm yourself well” The sword labeled “trusted sources” gleams as the knight holds it up. Text in lower right corner: “The End.”

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