Thane Benson


“Old Joke”


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Image Description

Six panel black and white cartoon entitled “An old joke” with an asterisk indicating “Updated for modern times.”

Panel 1: Text box in upper left: “One day…” SARS-CoV-2 viruses with evil grins float around two people. The first character, with frazzled hair and an alarmed expression, stretches their arms out and exclaims, “It’s a pandemic! We are all going to die!” Bald character next to them points their thumb at themselves saying “It’s okay. God will protect me.”

Panel 2: First character holds sign depicting 6 feet between people, and says, “Practice social distancing. It will reduce risk of infection.” Bald character puts hand up in stop gesture: “No, thanks. God will protect me.” SARS-CoV-2 viruses float nearby, a little closer than in Panel 1.

Panel 3: first character wears a mask, and offers mask to bald character, saying, “Here’s a mask. It will protect yourself and others from infection.” Bald character repeats stop gesture : “No, thanks. God will protect me.” The viruses float nearby.

Panel 4: first character has stethoscope around their neck and offers syringe with needle, saying “We have a vaccine now. It’s the best protection against the virus.” Bald character repeats stop gesture:”No, thanks.” Coronaviruses float even closer to the characters.

Panel 5: Text box: “Eventually…” Engulfed by SARS-CoV-2 viruses with evil grins, the bald character tries in vain to escape, and a skull and crossbones indicate their fate.

Panel 6: Text box: “Later, in heaven…” Bald character has wings and a halo and asks, “God? Why didn’t you protect me?”  God, depicted with white hair, bushy eyebrows and a beard: “I sent you social distancing, masks, and a vaccine.  What else do you want?” Text box: “The end.”

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