Bob Hall


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Panel 1: Masked, clothed, anthropomorphic animals are talking together on a rooftop. Bat: “Figured the pandemic would be over by now.” Cat: “Me too.” Parrot Professor Grey: “If only more people would get vaccinated.” Skate Goat: “Yeah, that’d end it.”

Panel 2: Parrot Professor Grey: “People are scared the vaccine will make them sick.” Reporter Fox: “It won’t.” Skate Goat: “It doesn’t.” Graffiti Mouse asks, “So how do we convince people to get the jab?” Cat: “We made a whole comic explaining COVID.”

Panel 3: Reporter Fox: “Yeah, C’RONA Comics.” Cat: “Do it again?” Graffiti Mouse muses, “Maybe a book this time…of posters!” Skate Goat skates off, saying, “Hey! I’m on it!”

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